mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Vampires - a Belgian film

This film may have well have been produced by a Frenchman, and smuggled as Belgian, just for a French to make another joke on the rudeness of their neughbours.
You see it and you think: well, French are not so wrong about Belgians after all, thos film is just gross!

"Vampires" means nothing. The idea is pretty cool and promising: a Belgian TV makes a documentary on the Belgian Vampire community. Cool! Imagine, you spectator, the modern vampires reduced to live in Belgium, and to be perhaps beaten by large blonde men full of beer and boast. Nobody shall thake them too seriously down there!

Or, cool, imagine the fun of getting to know the everyday's troubles of a vampire in modern society - how to get breakfast, how to go to lunch with human colleagues...or, again, how the contact with humans if possible, or, how really threatening they are, or, what they want...

Nothing of al that. Nor a technical expanation, or a moral of the story, or a meaning or a subtle comparison of vampires, with, say, immigrants, Jewish or whatever ethnic group, gays, ...

The story ends where it begins, with a secluded pathriarcal community of vampires, with black humour often misplaced (vampires ridiculising and killing an handicapped), with truculent scenes, with sadistic pieces. For example, an ex-prostitutes being kept as flesh in a fridge, and having an heart attack when sucked at dinner - or a young men terrorized and then beaten up. Or, a mass attack on a villa of humans.
The only trace of plot is the daugther of the vampire family who wants to become human, so will, because she has been only "half-biten" (mal mordue).

All that leaves the spectator with a sense of void, of lost opportunity, and an envy to go vomiting in the closest suitable place.

Paris, 7 September 2010

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