lunedì 31 agosto 2009

So, Paris

Paris - full of irony and sensuality. One good reason for which I accepted to move here is that I found an ironic eye on my would-be colleagues, and people I encounter. A sort of badly conceived gaiety, which puts what you are actually doing in a broader context of light life. I do live next to the Liberty Statue - the original. It seems small and nobody cares, everyone is looking to the other side, to the lights of the Tour Eiffel. I admired the Tour Eiffel from a bridge on the green and silent Seine tonight, The tower was golden yellow in the blue-black sky at 9 pm, and seemed an A hanged from above. Women in Paris go and co-habit with fiancés at the age of 20 - which lets me speechless. Inhabitant women are statuarious, with straight strong legs and think hair, they speak of good wealth and fertility and their skin is bronzed - they seem like young reliable horses and you are afraid they might walk on you on the street if you do not watch out.^p My neighborhood was full of electric lightin apartments, banquets in houses, brasseries filled with people. I went to a Vietnamese brasserie and then for a small walk. My heart has been empty, like the empty heart of the immigrant the first day he lands, alone. Not empty with terror, just empty with nothing. Horrible to remember, imperceptible to live. In these cases - when this happen, the best thing to do is being receptive and admiring smth. First impressions of cities are always wrong.