sabato 5 dicembre 2009

Nightmare [draft]

If you want to kill awareness
if you want to stop your nightmares
Just drink and sleep, or try not to fall asleep

Once you have fallen
you're in the dark tunnel
where you can't move, where you can't say
"you, dark obsessions, I'll now sweep you away"

The fixed thought you couldn't move
at daylight, is there now, under his grave
survived, was nourished and grew up
fed of your effort to throw him away

Now it is his empire - when your guard is loose
he will come at night and make you his
he will flourish on your brain and corpse
and make you his

Colour voices dark and eyesights
everything it will take and turn against you
after many hours of despair
morning'd come again and find him pale

Just for a while - he's rooted on your mind
and waits for you again
to fall asleep at night
to suck your veins.

Don't sleep and make you weaker
or sleep and take some poison for your brain
kill your mind and try cover your awareness
of benzene, deathlike blanket, but in vain.

Paris 5 december 2009

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