lunedì 6 luglio 2009

Farewell at the Serpentine

I took some white bread and went say my goodbyes
to all the grey ducks of the lake Serpentine
But someone had fed them, so they'd went away
thus turning that party into'a lonely stay

The heat was just fading, the day almost gone
the day was reflexing the mirroring sun
In such pond of light was my mind then all stuck
beginning to think to my old yellow duck

That love which was crossing the Channel and Alps
had now become weaker and come to a halt
The bread that once fed all his shuddering soul
now seems to this duck distasteful and cold

The passion of senses will fade with the time
I sit now lonely at the Serpentine
The threats and the whispers now, man, come in vain
The party is over, it's now time for pain

Apollon and Venus had paid for this play
rewarding us both with sucj wonderful days
The drama is now over, the curtains now close
The Serpentine rocks me, the sky smiles, all rose. 

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